Teleprompter GOLD

Redesigned from the ground up, A Simple yet Powerful Teleprompter app for iOS

Some features require Gold upgrade

Multiple Scripts

Add, edit and save multiple scripts

Edit Scripts

Edit saved scripts from right within the app with Teleprompter 2's Powerful Script editor

Record Video

Record your entire script and save it directly to your camera roll, ready for upload to YouTube or any other video service

Import Scripts

Import your existing scripts from Google Drive, Dropbox and many other services

Scroll Direction

Easily change which way your script scrolls, for more versatility

Mirror Mode

Flip your script horizontally or vertically for use in professioanl teleprompter rigs

Magic Scrolling

Automatically detect when you're speaking and start or stop the script accordingly. No more awkward timed scrolling or manually starting and stopping the script.

Remote Keyboard Control

Remotely control your script with your existing Bluetooth Keyoard

Scroll Speed

Set precise speed controls for the perfeclt delivered speech

Any Orientation

Works perfectly in both Portrait & Landscape modes

and so much more...

Teleprompter Pro 2 is packed full of new features and we would always love to hear which features you want us to include. If you want it, let us know and we'll add it!

Pssst, here's a sneak peak...